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How to Register as an Independent Party Voter



Whether you are registering for the first time or wish to change your party affiliation (as so many from both the Republican and Democratic parties are doing, the following easy to follow instructions are detailed below. You may register at any county Supervisor of Elections office in the county that you reside or, opt to do so from your own home by doing the following;

Call your county Supervisor of Elections office (the telephone number will be listed in the Government listings of all telephone books). Request that they send you a Florida Voter Registration Application which is a standardized form used by all counties.

When you receive it and in order that it is not found ineligible upon its return, please take the time to follow these directions and use a black ball point pen.

  • All numbered Black boxes “must” be completed.
  • If you are changing your party registration, on line 1 check the third box titled Party Change. If it is a new first time registration check the first box titled New Registration.
  • Completely fill in boxes 2 through 8.
  • Fill in boxes 9 through 11 if applicable to you.
  • * Line 12 Party Affiliation, check the third box for Minor Party and next to that write in INT Independent.
  • Lines 13 through 15 are optional and you may include that information if you care to or not.
  • Line 16 is another required line for your oath; Make sure to place your signature and date in the designated box.

You may then mail the form back to your county Supervisor of Elections office. The address is noted on the back side of the registration form. They will then send you your new voter ID card in the mail and when you receive it, examine it to make sure that all the information is correct, especially the box which states your Party Registration, which should be listed as INT.

Thanks for joining the multitude who are informing the major parties that Americans are tired of their lack of true representation for We The People by joining the ranks of Independent voters. Watch your newspaper and television as well as our web site for upcoming news regarding our voice of the people and Independent candidates we should be supporting in upcoming elections.

If you are an active person who would like to participate in the formation of an Independent Party chapter in your county, please notify our headquarters by telephone (727) 585-1111 or e-mail us your contact information to  and let us know you want to be a part of building a new, viable and influential party that will grow sufficiently to hold elected officials feet to the fire.

Ernie Bach – State Chairman of the Independent Party of Florida

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