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On February 3, 2017 during a telephone call with the office of the General Counsel and Director of the Division of Elections, the party was informed once again that our re-application for status as a minor political party in Florida had been signed off without deficiency and  that as soon as the sixty seven (67) different county Supervisor of Election offices around the state had confirmed with the Division that they had notified all approximately 260,000 registered voters in our party that they were now placed into the status of NPA (No Party Affiliation), and then those supervisors confirm that with the Division, our status would be approved within fifteen days and we would once again be recognized as the Independent Party of Florida. We have requested and been told that our new party  designation letters would be IND. So watch your local TV and newspapers and when all of you previous independent voters get the word that we’ve been formally approve once again, we ask you all to call in and  request a new   Voter Registration Application form from your county Supervisor of Elections office which they will mail to you, then fill it out and very carefully make sure you mark in the specific area the check mark for “other” and then write in “IND -Independent.” Mail the form back in   to the Supervisors office and they will again mail you your new Voter ID card. When you receive it, make sure it has your proper Party Affiliation listed.

A more detailed story  will be forthcoming regarding everything that went on in our two year battle with the state which resulted in this   form of voter suppression and what more than one reporter stated to us sounded like dirty politics. But we did not give up and we will be back, perhaps not as big as before in numbers which will grow back and probably make us stronger in our will to make many meaningful differences in many elections around the state in 2018.

We ask that you stay with us by re-registering when you see that we are back, and would ask that you support your party financially. Just think of this. If every registered Independent voter over the past two years had contributed just $1 to $5 each, this entire situation would never have happened, so now we are asking you to do your part to ensure that we will be that third option in the 2018 elections, from city to county to state and national races. We already have a growing list of potential candidates waiting to run and be endorsed by our party. Check this web site for updates.

Your State Chairman                                                                        Ernie Bach 

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