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Help us hold the duopoly of the so called Major Parties and their candidates accountable by donating to the Independent Party of Florida today! Your donations will be used to search for and vet viable candidates who are not embedded in the establishment of the two party system and whose only desire is to be a true citizen representative of the people.

Contributor First and Last Name:  __________________________________

Street Address:  _________________________________________

City: ____________________________________

State: _____          Zip: _______          

Email Address: ________________________________

Phone Number: _________________

Employment (Federal Regulations require that all contributors provide their employment information):

Employer: ______________________________________________________

Occupation: ____________________________________________


If you would prefer to contribute by mail, please fill in this form, print it using the button above, and mail it along with a check to:

Independent Party of Florida
700 Starkey Rd. – Suite 365
Largo, FL 33771-2334

Thank you for your contribution.

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