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The Constitution and the By-Laws, Rules and Regulations for the Independent Party of Florida is a basic draft and prior to and at the first state convention will be addressed for review, debate and changes by the members of the party and the Executive Committee in session.





Under the language of the Constitution, By-Laws, Rules and Regulations or other equivalent documents, each properly registered Independent voter of the State of Florida has the absolute fundamental right to fully and meaningfully participate in the business and affairs of the Party without any monetary encumbrance.


And legal and eligible Florida citizen may register as Independent (IND) and thereafter participate in the business of the Party as prescribed in the business documents of the Party.

Article 3: MEETINGS

The Party shall hold an Annual Membership Convention (Meeting), the agenda for which will include a listing of all business to be addressed at same.

Local County Chapter meetings shall be scheduled as necessary but should not be a number less than six (6) per calendar year.

Any and all meetings of the state Party or local Chapters shall notify its members in a timely manner as to the date, time and place of its meetings. The State Executive Committee shall give notice no less than two (2) calendar weeks prior to its meetings and local Chapters shall give notice no less than one (1) week prior, such notices to be posted on the state website and by the use of available electronic communications.

All local membership meetings and/or State Executive Committee meetings shall be conducted according to the generally accepted rules and parliamentary procedure practices.

The state Party shall publish notices of meetings on a public and functioning website as to the above rules and the Party website shall remain updated and interactive.


The Party Executive Committee shall be elected by a majority vote (50% plus one) of the membership at its Annual Convention (Meeting) from a list of submitted names or volunteers, such submittal to be open to any eligible member in good standing statewide.

The Party Executive Committee shall at the Annual Convention (Meeting) elect a Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer from a previously submitted list of names or volunteers, such list of candidates to be open to any eligible member in good standing statewide. Party Officers may not hold more than one elected office at the same time except as to the combining the office of Secretary-Treasurer if necessary.


The actions, powers and duties of the Independent Party of Florida shall be directed and adhered to by the language of the Florida Statutes including but not limited to Chapters 103 and 121.


The removal of a state or local officer for cause will be the purview and responsibility of the State Executive Committee, such action to be preceded by the right to a hearing by the officer whose removal is being sought, and will be held at a meeting of a super majority of the State Executive Committee. Public Notice of this action will be submitted by electronic means posted to the party website no less than thirty (30) days prior to its action. The hearing will be open to all members in good standing of the Party with the decision of the State Executive Committee to be made and publicized within forty-eight (48) hours after the hearing. The appointment of a replacement officer by the State Executive Committee will be completed within one week (7 days) of the above action.


All members of the statewide Independent Party in good standing may submit the name of candidates running for public office to the State Executive Committee for consideration. The Executive Committee shall have the sole authority and responsibility to make nominations or endorsements when required by law, to conduct campaigns for candidates, to raise and expend party funds and to all such decisions shall be publicized to the state membership via electronic or other means and the party website. The candidate’s campaign shall be responsible for costs involving campaign ads using the party website.

Article 7: DELEGATES

Delegates to the Annual Convention (Meeting) or other necessary public meetings or events by the State Executive Committee shall present authorization in writing and signed by all officers of their local chapter for those delegates to be recognized by the State Executive Committee to represent that chapter and to entitle that delegate with voting rights on the business of the Party.

Should future action by the Independent Party of Florida ally with any other state or national Independent organization, delegates may be elected by each active and functional local chapter in a number not to exceed two (2), that number which shall include one male and one female delegate.


At this time (2016) the Party has no potential presidential candidates to run for President of the United States and as a minor party is not eligible for Presidential Delegates. Should that change, the State Executive Committee with general membership approval shall amend the Independent Party Constitution, By-Laws and Rules and Regulations to effect any such change.


In order to make any alterations, amendments or changes to any Party documents, the State Executive Committee shall appoint a committee titled the By-Laws Committee which shall be comprised of no less than three members attending and participating and whose responsibility will be to review suggested changes and to submit such considerations to any of the pertinent documents of the Party, specifically those documents being the Constitution, By-Law and Rules and Regulations

     1.  Such submittal shall be approved by a super majority vote of the By-Laws Committee.

     2.  Such changes may be submitted by any eligible member of the state Party in good standing, in writing to the By-Laws Committee.

  • Such considerations for change by the By-Laws Committee shall supply copies of those submittals for review by the State Executive Committee.
  • Considered changes approved by the State Executive Committee by a super-majority vote for advancement shall then be publicized to the statewide membership through the Party website for a thirty (30) day comment period by the general membership at which time the State Executive Committee shall render its approval or objection with no less than a super-majority vote for approval to place on the agenda the proposed change for general membership approval.
  • The State Executive Committee approved changes will then be publicized to the general membership by electronic or mail media no less than thirty (30) days prior to the Annual Convention (Meeting).
  • At the Annual Convention (Meeting), all State Executive Committee approved changes will be place on the business agenda and voted upon by the general membership with approval requiring a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the voting members present.

    3.  At the first Annual Convention (Meeting) only, a proviso will be taken under consideration which would accord the State Executive Committee the authority to effect changes to the Constitution, By-Laws or Rules and Regulations without the above rules as necessary to complete the business of the agenda, but only by a one hundred (100) percent unanimous vote of the full State Executive Committee Members.

Submitted August 22, 2016                                     

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