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The following article is based on comments included in the recent statewide survey by the Independent Party of Florida and responded to by 1,937 of its registered voters.

The overall general consensus is that our country is being made a laughing stock by the inclusion of Donald Trump as a candidate to lead the greatest nation on earth and as such the  most important world leader. Citizens of other countries who are also weighing in are either “scared to death of him” (many comments) or “laughing our buttocks off at this travesty Americans call a presidential election,” (Patrick Muldow, London, England  visiting in Miami).

So how has the Independent voter of Florida justified the apparent and overwhelming vote in support of Hillary Clinton when she is reported as having such a high negative rating. It is not because Trump is such an obviously horrible candidate with matching negative numbers, it is according to all respects because Clinton has such an earnest and resolute sense of purpose in comparison to her opponent and has over many years suffered the slings and arrows (see Trumps claims of suffering them also) of attack, innuendo,  personal anguish and prodigious obstacles, and she has consistently overcome them all to remain as the person she is and in the position she is in. That is a resume to be respected.

In the words of many an erudite sage, let us look with reality at her scenario and remember that “actions speak louder than words.” Hillary Clinton has lived a life time of achievements in and for the public interest.” Compare that to the narcissistic and elitist lifestyle of Donald Trump who, after flying into a campaign rally in “his” big jet or helicopters, brags about how rich he is and how he has stomped on the working class to get there and continue to live such a life. Do the working class, who are labeled uneducated and blue collar by the media and called that by Trump himself, really believe that this egomaniac cares about them and is really going to do “great” things for them. Wake up middle and yes lower America and understand that this man is pulling one of the greatest con jobs in history on all of you. And the worst part is that he is dangerous.

Hillary Clinton has been extolled by American leaders, including most Republicans who she has successfully worked with in the past, as being the most highly qualified candidate to run for president in modern history, a comment substantially repeated by world leaders around the globe. She is in comparison to Trump so well prepared about the country, the world and how it functions in our modern era that she is like a learned and well qualified teacher instructing a first grader on his ABC’s.  This is an encouraging truth too often overlooked in this campaign. “He is a disaster in the making.” (Adele Baker, Tallahassee, Florida).

Therefore, the Independent voters of Florida have without any hesitation endorsed Hillary Clinton by a 3-1 margin against all three other viable party designated candidates on the ballot combined, and we believe she will be an outstanding president of the United States.

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