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After the late August endorsement of Evan McMullin as the presidential choice by the Independent Party of Florida was banned from the Florida ballot by the actions of the Governors office, and due to what was quoted by the State Chairman Ernie Bach as a strong direction that “to just fold up the tents and go home is not an option. I repeat, that is not an option. What it has come down to at this moment and possibly even more important in our opinion is that voting for a protest candidate or a minor party candidate in this extremely important time – is an undeniably wasted and dangerous vote”. 

A statewide survey was then begun after the first Presidential Debate which resulted in significant and serious discussion among the Executive Committee of the party due to that Circus #1, and so it was decided to expand the survey until after Circus #2 which immediately drew the reaction from the Committee that it was a wise thing to do. The survey was conducted with Independent Party voters over more than two weeks in four major urban areas of the state ** and the results of a compiled 1,937 returns were as follows;


Democrats Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine                             1472      76 %

Republicans Donald Trump and Mike Pence                           272      14 % 

Libertarians Gary Johnson and Mike Weld                              106      5.5 %

Greens Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka                                           87      4.5 %

The final tally gives the Clinton-Kaine ticket a 3 to 1 victory over the other three tickets combined. This would indicate that earlier phone queries which had Trump at least 12-15 points higher have now plummeted after the two debates and contributing to that also were all of the negative issues which have been emanating almost daily from that campaign according to survey comments.

While we do not claim that this was a scientific or formula based survey, it does give a clear picture of the mindset of those independent voters who have been weighing the options until this month.

** The four surveyed areas are Tampa Bay (4 counties), Palm Beach (1 county), Orlando (2 counties) and Jacksonville (1 county).

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