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Let me first explain why we came to endorse Evan McMullin as our choice for president. Both major party candidates have placed themselves in positions of extremely low favorability ratings, whether through the words, deeds and in one case actions, all of which have turned off mainstream America who has never seen a circus like this before.

As the Independent Party considered who we might support or whether we would even offer support to anyone, the late entrance of Evan McMullin gave us pause to look, listen and reflect on what his candidacy as an Independent just might mean. While our party of a quarter million registered voters are Independent, they all came from some other segment of political philosophy. Back when I began coordinating the Perot for President movement in March of 1992 we did voter registration here in my home county of Pinellas and in less than two months had re-registered from the major parties over 5000 voters into our new party and their voter registrations and their signed petitions was the most significant contribution to getting him on the ballot in Florida.

After discussion and consideration about Mr. McMullin it was decided that supporting an Independent candidate with some qualifications would (1) provide a viable alternative to the major party candidates and who we believed could draw a significant vote total here in the state; and (2) supporting such a candidate if he did make an impact could be a good starting base for future independent presidential candidates.

And so, while it was a close decision, it was to give him our Independent Party endorsement.


Obviously the action taken by the Governors office and Department of State as we’ve outlined in our press release has removed any potential chance of even making a dent in the voting numbers for Mr. McMullin in Florida.

And so there was an immediate need to address the situation and take some action in order for our 256,000 plus registered Independents to be offered an opportunity to educate themselves on any alternative options, to give input to the party for consideration and to offer some form of guidance on what our registered voters are thinking.

We have sent out a survey to the executive leadership in four urban areas of the state in an effort for them to contact our voters and find out what they’re thinking at this moment and also to find out what they believe should be done.

The reason for this is too obvious. To just fold up the tents and go home is not an option. I repeat, that is not an option. We strongly urge every single registered voter in the state, especially that quarter of a million in our party, as well as the NPA’s and the R and D  undecideds to make sure they vote and do everything they can to get others to vote.

What it has come down to at this moment and possibly even more important in our opinion is that voting for a protest candidate or a minor party candidate in this extremely important time –  is an undeniably wasted and dangerous vote. 

This is for the future of our country during this period of fearful impacts involving both worldwide and at home confrontations rarely if ever faced before and is something voters MUST take the time to consider and make valued judgments on.

So we’ve pulled back the endorsement and are looking at a different action plan at this time.

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Re: SURVEY – The results will be posted later next week after we’ve had an opportunity to receive and count a reasonable number of responses. Through this morning that number is approximately 350 which we’ve gotten through e-mail and by telephone in three days. We would expect between now and October 5th to have at least 1000 comments to score by.

The survey states that since Mr. McMullin is not on the ballot all voters should seriously consider the other major candidates from whom the country will obviously pick its next president and, their vote will matter, especially here in Florida. Remember the year 2000 and the number 537.

We’ve also previously sent out a request for suggestions for other good candidates that we could vet and rate as to their platform and history as public servants or community activists and whether we should endorse or recommend their candidacy to independent or undecided voters in state and local races. So far I believe we have received applications from six candidates whose names were submitted, both Republicans and Democrats, and we have listed four to support. 

However, if an independent voter chooses to support the Libertarian or Green or any other candidate, that is of course their choice as an independent. But our very strong recommendation to our 256,000 Independents of Florida is that they not waste their right and privilege on a protest vote in this very important election – which may well change the face of policies, politics and result in potential negative impacts on all American citizens.   

In the responses we’ve received so far a significant number of comments preferred to hold off until after the debate last week to make their choice, which I think is a sound judgment call so we expect a surge of survey results after the weekend.

Before any of you ask – there is an early indication of leaning to one candidate but those numbers are not sufficient to make a comment or predication at this time.

Released October 1, 2016

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