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PRESS RELEASE                                                    SEPTEMBER 28. 2016

Contact: Ernie Bach  (727) 585-1111

Largo, FL.  – State Chairman Ernie Bach today announced the decision by the Executive Committee of the Independent Party of Florida to rescind their previous endorsement of Evan McMullin as their candidate for the office of President of the United States.

With the decision of the Florida Governors Office to interpret Florida Statute language in a move that appears to be a deliberate political act to strike the Independent candidate from the ballot over an administrative pretext that is not applied to other minor parties, the continued campaign to elect Mr. McMullin is highly improbable without his name on the ballot, even as a write-in while he still is on the ballot in about a dozen other states. Florida’s other alleged minor parties who have only a handful of registered voters statewide or only have a paper presence in Florida, like the Reform Party, have unfairly been permitted to skirt the rules and place a candidate on the ballot.

The actions by the state restricts in an unfair manner any Independent Party candidate from being placed on the presidential ballot. This running battle between the Governor’s office and the Independent Party has literally shut the door in the face of and totally disenfranchised its 256,000 registered Florida voters, the state’s third largest party from making their potential choice of Mr. McMullin as a real alternative, including disenchanted and disgusted Republican voters in the upcoming November election.

“It is very interesting” Bach stated,” that minor party candidates who it appears will take away votes from the Democratic candidate have been permitted to be on the ballot, while those who may realistically take votes away from Donald Trump are being shut out, and just as interesting and coincident- ally of course, we all know what a super duper supporter of Mr. Trump that our Governor is.”

The actions by the Governor’s office, and legislation relating to elections promulgated by the rule of majority Republican potentates for too many years have obviously placed legislative restrictions into Statutes in order to protect themselves from future citizen candidates who could put the heat on automatic incumbencies of 80-90% that have provided them with almost guaranteed safe re-elections.

Florida’s standards have been previously questioned and challenged and the belief is that they cannot survive legal scrutiny for what many legal experts believe should be Federal intervention and which is a real possibility over equal-protection claims and which has similarly been challenged in other states.

At this time the Independent Party has serious concerns about the future of our country in light of the major party candidates running for president and we are currently doing a statewide survey of who the Florida Independents consider the best choice for possible endorsement to preserve and protect the country, ensure the respect of the USA in the world community and the role of America as a leader.

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