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Independent Party of Florida First Endorsment of a Presidential Candidate Evan McMullin 2016 – Part 1

August 31, 2016 was an historical day for the Independent Party of Florida (the states designation on voter forms and ID cards is INT). On this date the first ever candidate publicly endorsed in a presidential election by the Florida party was announced. While McMullin’s background factually indicated a strong Republican philosophy with some right wing tendencies, his choice was seen as a twofold benefit to Florida’s Republican and Independent voters.

First, he was not Donald Trump, a point that could resonate with all those dense voters who feel they must vote for their party’s candidate, no matter how bad he or she is, because of a misguided loyalty to “their” party. Also, as a basic Republican, McMullins entry would give those Republican voters who refuse to vote for Clinton and who don’t wish to waste their vote on minor party candidates an alternative, an option to vote for an Independent in name only but a Republican under the skin.

Secondly, McMullins personality, demeanor and platform showed him to be not only a much more viable candidate than other minor party candidates who do not have a realistic chance of election, or the ridiculous write-in candidates who always plague elections with their self centered and egotistical attempts, but also as a thoughtful, careful and obviously more intelligent person than “the Donald,” and therefore McMullin would glean significant votes away from the primary winner that even high ranking Republicans nationally are shunning and gagging over as he continues to be an embarrassment to the American people here in our country, and continues to make America a laughing stock around the world.

So the INT of Florida made the choice of McMullin in what we saw as an action that would siphon off votes going to the orange faced, wealthy and elitist braggart known as the Trumpf Troll with the hateful disposition – and which would give our party a secondary benefit to build a base for Independent candidates to run for office in future elections under the banner of a recognized viable party.

Unfortunately what happened next in our attempts to get Evan McMullin on the Florida ballot was another disgraceful chapter in the history of the Republican Party led by their illegal gerrymandering and their super-majority utilization of their legislative powers to pass laws and rules to continue to restrict Florida voters rights, but also and more significant in this case, to restrict a viable choice of a candidate from being listed on the ballot for the high office of President of the United States.

(Next: Part 2 – Governor Rick Scott, Florida’s Bald Turkey and “his” government questionably remove presidential candidate from ballot)

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