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February 11, 2017


The Independent Party of Florida has fought a two year battle with the Florida Division of Elections and the Florida Election Commission (a board of non-elected appointees who made this dumb decision) and who wrongfully revoked the status of the party’s 262,000+ registered Independents (INT) and automatically has registered them as NPA (No Party Affiliation).


This is another form of voter suppression that has in effect removed from the voter roles as Independent voters every single registered INT in the state. We have fought this battle over a technicality in the Florida Statutes and rather than make a common sense adjustment to that technicality which would have left all of the voters who made a thoughtful and direct decision to register themselves in our party in the Independent party, they opted to cause this ridiculous hardship and confusion on a quarter of a million Florida voters.  This action will undoubtedly give added undue power to election results in the state in upcoming elections, especially for the party in power, the Republicans.

While 99% of our registered voters have signed onto our party because they feel disenchanted, disenfranchised and disgusted with the two major parties, and rightfully so, this action by the state in our opinion has the support of those major parties since it will further erode the ability of Florida voters to  become a  viable and meaningful voice in future elections thereby permitting their previously gerrymandered districts to continue to give them the sway over elections. 

And so all Independent voters are now receiving notice from their county Supervisor of Elections that their voter preference has been changed by someone other than themselves. You as an INT voter should be angry and concerned about the states action, and here is what you should do.

First: make sure your county Supervisor of Elections has written and sent to you the notification of the change. You should receive a new Voter ID card and a new Voter Registration Application. Just set those aside for now and read the following;

The Independent Party of Florida has reapplied for status as a minor party in Florida and our documents are currently under review and there is no reason why we will not again be reinstated as a party in Florida in the very near future (perhaps one month).

At that time we will be sending out press releases to all newspapers, TV and radio news stations in the state in order to notify voters of our reinstatement as a party. At that time is isa our hope that all voters who have had their choice of party   status revoked without their knowledge and permission will fill out a new Voter Application form (you can use the one they sent you), to re-register once again in the INDEPENDENT PARTY on that new registration form.

All voters should be aware that we already have a slate of viable candidates who will be filing to run as Independents in the 2018 elections on all levels; local, state and national which will offer our Independent voters a third and meaningful choice. If any citizen has questions relating to this stomping of voter rights and your future activities for and with the party, you may contact us by e-mail at and we will respond to your query.

While there is no financial commitment on the part of any voter who wishes to register as an INT, please be aware that to function properly in opposition to the oligarchy of our two party system and for our candidates to have a practical and realistic chance of winning an election, we have the same needs as all political groups as to the financial needs to successfully campaign. Any citizen who wishes to assist in those needs can visit our page on or can send contributions with our appreciation to the address within this web site. Additionally, any citizen who wishes to run for office as an Independent in 2018 should contact us to discuss your campaign.         We will be doing everything within our power to get our status approved by the state during this month of February and look forward to  being a voice for change in our corrupted and currently crazy political system in the future.

Respectfully,                                                                                             Ernie Bach – State Chairman 


The voice of the disenfranchised and disillusioned American citizen will be with you soon. There are alternative and correct choices to make when voting for those elected officials who do control your everyday life and lifestyles. Your voice is growing to a fever pitch and our numbers have increased to the point where both major parties and their candidates are not just sitting up and taking notice, they are concerned, no, they are afraid, and rightfully so at our voter registration percentages which can and will make a difference in who wins elections in the future.

Are you aware voters who have registered Independent nationally are now reaching a percentage that equals the Republican and Democratic registered numbers? Well, we have!

Right here in Florida our party, the Independent Party of Florida has a total of over a quarter of a Million registered voters! Sufficient numbers to make immediate impacts on city, county and state legislative elections. What we need to do to accomplish this is to organize.

Our goal will be to target those good people who like us registered Independents are disgusted with the major parties and the corruption of state and national governments and have left the two major parties but are now registered as NPA which stands for No Party Affiliation and who number 2,913,948.

That is a huge number.That’s a combined total of independently minded registered voters totaling over 3.1 Million here in Florida alone. That compares with 4.6 million registered Democrats and 4.4 million Republicans in Florida, so our numbers are almost equal to each of them.

Can our numbers now make a difference? You bet your constitutional rights it can !!!

We are offering all of those citizens and voters an alternative with future candidates who represent neither major party. We will offer truthful, moderate, middle of the road insight into what is really going on in government and who is responsible for the failings of those governmental bodies and elected officials. Our slogan will not be the usurped and bastardized term “fair and balanced” which has been degraded by a major news network. The slogan of the Independent Party of Florida will be what this country now needs to rebuild its stature and confidence of the people – from within the people, and what was the original concept of the Founding Fathers and that slogan is “CHECKS AND BALANCES”!

Register now as an Independent by e-mailing us at for assistance if needed or call your local Supervisor of Elections office and have them mail you a new Voter Registration Application and on line 12 check the box next to Other and in the open space write in “Independent” INT

We are kick-starting a statewide effort to organize chapters of our party in every county in Florida. Please help our efforts  by donating what you can afford through the Pay Pal link located on this web site or by check mailed directly to us.

If you are interested in becoming an Independent Party leader in your county and helping us to organize those county chapters, contact us and we will gladly add you to our new army of those who seek, moderation, the ability to courteously speak with one another and to understand the art of compromise in order to effect meaningful and necessary government rather than the obstinate objection of the NO, ineffective and divisive clowns who comprise a majority of our state and national legislatures now



Ernie Bach
State Chairman
Independent Party of Florida

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